Eclipse Trumpets use 6 different leadpipes to match the instrument to the player. The changable leadpipe system is without doubt the most versatile set up for a trumpet that Eclipse produces.

This system enables the player to get seriously close to the resistance feel that they require, rather than just having to get used to a standard leadpipe fixed to the instrument.

We hand make 6 different pipe sizes, labeled as follows - from most resistant to most open:







The 0 pipe is the middle of the road pipe, comparable to the bach 25 pipe on a standard bach 37 trumpet.

To the right of the 0 pipe the 20 , 40, and 60 get progressively more open which will give more warmth and roundness of sound, maybe a little more richness and character as you go up to the most open 60 pipe. Of course as you go up through this series slightly more air is required to drive the horn (but these are slight increments). The 20, 40 and 60 have been a big hit with both jazzers and those with a lot of air who generally find standard trumpet leadpipes simply too resistant and feel that they have to move onto a large bore instrument. This is not necessary with this system as you can achieve exactly that feel will a larger leadpipe.

As you move to the left of the 0 pipe the 2T and 4T get progressively tighter or more resistant . These pipes are popular with lead/ orchestral players who want a little more edge and response in their play. These pipes will wake the instrument quicker with smaller volumes of air required to do so.

Choosing the right Leadpipe

With a purchase of the changable leadpipe system on an Eclipse Bb trumpet, the customer can choose 2 pipes of their choice out the the range.

When buying any new trumpet I am sure that many players find that the pipe felt great initially in the workshop or store at point of purchase, but found that several months later after settling into the horn that they found the pipe either too resistant or indeed too open. Then its the trip to the local tech to ruin the finish of the instrument to solder a different pipe onto the horn that does suit them. This is of course not the best situation as it costs more and ruins the look of the finish at the same time.

What we offer is the choice of 2 pipes AND the chance to swap for a different choice of pipes within a 6 month period of receiving the instrument, FREE OF CHARGE. Eclipse are NOT about selling our customers 500 pipes!! we want to make sure our customers have the right pipes for them.

I do work closely with players via email with the initial choices of pipes to get in the right ballpark, and often the customer will never want to change, but that facility is there should they need it.

I generally like to see a player end up with one pipe that is his or her WORKHORSE pipe, the pipe that covers maybe 85% of their playing, and then their second pipe choice is one that covers a specific area of play. Nothing as you know is set in stone as each individual has different requirements as far as resistance goes.

Additional Information

Please remember that these are general thoughts gathered from our experiences with this system and players, everyone is so different and will find their own special pipes that work well with their horn airflow and mouthpiece. This is why Eclipse offer the swap out service free of charge. It never leaves the player thinking "I wish I had chosen that other pipe size..."