Tero Saarti

I had a great chance to visit Eclipse factory last winter. My purpose was to find a new instrument for my work and I have to say that this is the best solution you can get. After years of trying to find the ultimate trumpet where everything matches this is the one. This trumpet (LY goldplated) can speak in so many level that it sill amazes me everytime.

For the first moment I played some notes through trumpet it was clear to me that I had found my horn. Easiness in every register is unbelievable. Just pick a note and it is just there-locked and solid as a rock. Intonation then it is just amazing. You don't have adjust those notes or anything just concentrate to make music. Valves made by Bauerfine are excellent. Just few drops of oil and I am ready to burn - if i have to. Tone parallell a.k.a different sounds you can get out of this horn is endless. If I want to have a big, rich tone it is just there. Then if I need some smooth velvet tone this trumpet gives the sound I want. And so on.

The trumpet itself is a beautiful design. Goldplating has been done very well. Double finger rings instead of traditional finger hooks gives my horn a very personal touch. All in all this insrument is wonderful to play and I have to thank every partner so thank you Leigh, John , Peter, Carl and Gary.

Special thanks to trumpeters Noel Langley and Henry Lowther for their guidance and help for choosing this trumpet.

Keep up the good work.

- Tero Saarti


Tero Saarti joined the lines of the Umo in 1993, just in time to participate in the 1994 tour with the fabulous Natalie Cole. Another highlight of the nineties came a year after: a tour with the Manhattan Transfer. Like most musicians in the UMO, Tero has also studied at both: first the Pop&Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki and later on at the prestigious Sibelius-Academy. He has also carried on the legacy by teaching at his former seats of learning.

Saarti has toured with an Interscandinavian project, Tribute To Lars Gullin in 2002 and participated in 3 national tours, organized by the Finnish Jazz Federation; in 1999 with the funky Groove Convention and in 2003 with Teemu Salminen's Septet. Next tour was in 2006, with Jukka Perko & Viisikko. He's a long-standing member of the UMO and maybe the funkiest trumpetist in Finland.

Latest projects: Jussi Fredriksson Electric Quintet Musni Beach visit http://www.myspace.com/musnibeach

Jukka Perko & VIISIKKO