Stuart Brooks

Eclipse trumpets and flugelhorns “what can I say,” The quality of workmanship is second to none, I was told about the trumpets by my friend and trumpet colleague Noel Langley and decided that one day I would try an Eclipse B flat trumpet for myself. My old trumpet, a Burbank Benge, was looking a bit tired and I was told the repair service by the Eclipse team was fantastic.

So of I went to the factory in Luton to get my trumpet overhauled and while I was there I selected a few trumpets to try out. I tried all sorts of models, some with heavy bells, and some with light bells, and straight away I noticed how easy they were to play. The tuning was fantastic all the way up and down the harmonics, everything chromatically felt great, and the valves were smooth and precise.

Eventually after playing many different combinations I settled on the medium yellow bell model. Leigh suggested that I take it away to give it a “test drive”. Just before leaving, Noel suggested I should have a blow on the flugelhorns. Once again there were three different bells to choose from, and they too all played superbly.

I said my goodbyes and left the factory with a trumpet that was still “hot off the press”, I felt very excited and was eager to try this new toy out on my next session. I was almost at the train station when I decided to turn the car around and go back, because I couldn’t get out of my head how great the flugel felt and sounded. Leigh offered the flugel and the next minute I left with TWO babies waiting for a test drive!

Over the next few weeks I played the Eclipse trumpets on various recording sessions, and found that it recorded extremely well. I loved the sound of the instrument and the way it felt in my hands, the sound is bright and the intonation is excellent, overall I cannot fault the Eclipse trumpet.

The flugelhorn is just superb, the best I have ever played. The tuning is exact and the sound warm, rich and full sounding, I now realize how difficult my old Cuesnon was to play. I don’t have to lip any notes in tune anymore on the Eclipse flugel!

I went back to the factory to collect my old trumpet, (but it is now kept in the attic.) I am delighted that I am now playing the Eclipse trumpet and flugelhorn. My trumpet is finished in Gold plate and looks brilliant. The flugel is finished in savannah with gold accents, believe me it has a "WOW" factor. Great trumpets, great flugels and as I stated before, Eclipse trumpets and flugels are "second to none".

I extend my thanks to Leigh and John for their help and for building such wonderful trumpets.

- Stuart Brooks

STUART BROOKS Career History

Session Musician – Trumpet / Flugel


ARTISTS INCLUDING Alphaville, Bjork, Celine Dion, Chris De Burgh, Cliff Richard, Casiopea, Cure, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Daniel Beddingfield, Dario G. (world cup), Diana Ross, Elton John, Eternal, Elvis Costello, Everything But the Girl, Gary Moore, George Michael, Grace Jones, Gerry Raffarty, Holly Johnson, James Last, Jimmy Nail, Joni Mitchell, Julian Cope, Kiri T, Madonna, Sting, Robbie Williams, Kristy McCall, Kym Mazelle, Lena Horne, Level 42, Mezzoforte, Oasis, Maul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Plant and Page, Richard Ashcroft, Right Said Fred, Shakatak, Sinead O’Connor, Status Quo, Stranglers, Tom Jones (reload), Tony Christe (world cup ’06), West Life, Vertigo


Absolute Beginners, Antz, Bad Girls, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Chicago, Carrington, De Lovely, Evita, James Bond “Goldeneye”, James Bond “View To A Kill”, James Bond “Tomorrow Never Dies”, James Bond “The World is Not Enough”, Memphis Belle, Moulin Rouge, Spongebob Squarepants, Supergrass, The Importance of Being Ernest, Mrs. Henderson Presents, White Mischief, 101 Dalmations


George Russell (lead trumpet for 20 years, Living Time Orchestra - tours and albums), Gil Evans Film, Jack Sharpe Big Band, John Surman Big Band, Hermito Pascoal (tour), Julian Joseph Big Band, Mike Westbrooke (concerts recordings and tours), Matthew Herbert Big Band (recordings and tours), Colin Towns (album), Mike Gibbs/John Scofield (tour), Barbara Thomson (album), Itchy Fingers (album), Stan Tracey Big Band, Charlie Watts Big Band, John Bennett Big Band, Jay Russell (Montreaux Jazz Festival – soloist)


Bruce Forsyth, Cliff Richard, Gary Wilmot, Michael ball, Natalie Cole, Nelson Mandella, Nik Haywood, Oasis, James Last, Shirley Bassey, Terrovision, Wet Wet Wet, 60th VE Day Celebration


Acorn Antiques, Chess, Chorus Line, Grease, High Society, Jesus Christ Superstar, Radio Times, Saturday Night Fever, Starlight Express, The Full Monty, Thoroughly Modern Mille, Witches of Eastwick


Acorn Antiques, Billy Elliot, Chess, Chorus Line, Children of Eden, Guys and Dolls, Grease, High Society, Miss Saigon, Radio Times, Rat Pack, Starlight Express, Saturday Night Fever, The Full Monty, Thoroughly Modern Mille, The Producers, Witches of Eastwick

TV THEMES – Featured Soloist