Ola Lauvas

I visited the Eclipse workshop a few times together with my father and it didn't take long for me to become ecstatic over Eclipse trumpets. Leigh and Carl were always welcoming and helpful whenever we visited. I grew to love the smell of oil, brass and coffee. For me, this was Eclipse trumpets!

In the Fall of 2014, Leigh offered me an artist contract with Eclipse. I was totally shocked! I almost couldn’t believe it and had only thought this was possible in my wildest dreams. I am very grateful that Leigh has offered to support my development and future by offering me this sponsorship even at my young age of 19 years. Leigh has also introduced me to other Eclipse artists who helped and inspired my development as a musician.

I play the Enigma model with the medium yellow bell. This trumpet gives me the possibility to play whatever I want. I am currently studying jazz but I am interested in all genres, including classical and pop. When Leigh first presented me with the instrument, I was blown away. Leigh crafted a beautiful instrument with custom bracing and in silver with gold trim. It is a unique instrument that is a work of art in how it looks and how it plays. I and everyone who sees it marvels at this beautiful creation.

Ola Lauvås is a 19 years old lad from the middle of Norway. He started to play the trumpet when he was 4, in the local culture school. Since then he has finished high school with emphasis on music. He has also been lucky to be chosen among just a few young musicians to join the Youth Talent Program at the University of Trondheim, the jazz line. He also play in a big band, and some smaller jazzensembles. He plays mostly jazz, but he also love to perform all kinds of music, both jazz and classical. He has won different talent prizes.