Mikko Pettinen

When I first tried an Eclipse trumpet, I was amazed how fast and smooth the valves were. Then I realized that the horn was incredibly easy to blow; intonation was perfect and the slotting of notes was something I've never experienced. So I just had to order an Eclipse trumpet. I bought an LC in scratched lacquer. I fell in love with that horn immediately. I even had a gig with my own quartet MP4 the next day and played with that brand new horn the whole gig and it felt great. But after a couple of weeks I really started to realize what this horn was all about. It just felt better and better every day! I wanted to practise all the time. I could really concentrate on music and let the horn do the hard work. Every note was in a right place and the sound came out beatifully with a minimal effort. I just had to take a deep breath and blow the horn.

A couple of months later I met Leigh McKinney in Finland and he offered me and my colleaque and friend Tero Saarti an opportunity to become an Eclipse artists. I was very honoured and of course extremely interested. And certainly I was also interested in buying another horn.

I wanted that new horn to offer something special for my small group and jazz solo work. I tried several instruments at the Eclipse factory and finally I chose an XLR Eclipse trumpet in scratched gold with polished accents. By the way. it is also the most beatiful looking trumpet I've ever seen! Leigh and John let me try several leadpipes with that horn and I chose a special leadpipe which was slightly bigger than the standard one. That horn felt and still feels amazing; the sound is huge and warm and it is still very easy to play. I also use it in big bands like Umo Jazz Orchestra, which is my permanent job. Leigh also took of the lacquer from my LC and gold plated it. That horn is also amazing; it can be very dark and whispering when played softer and brighter when played louder in upper register.

On that same day I also ordered an Eclipse flugelhorn. I was totally happy with my [current] copper flugel, but when I tried an Eclipse red brass flugel, I was blown away how incredibly it was! Amazingly good intonation, heavenly sound, perfect valves and dramatically better high register than in any other flugelhorn. So I just had to buy it. I have to say that I think Eclipse trumpets and flugels are best in the whole world. Every trumpet player should try those. When I listen to my own live recordings, I feel happy, because now for the first time I am actually fully satisfied with the sound of my horns. A huge thank you to John, Leigh and the other guys at the Eclipse factory!!!

Mikko Pettinen, An Eclipse Artist

Taken from Umo Jazz Orchestra website…

Mikko Pettinen is one of the coolest, young, urban jazzcomets at the moment. Graduated from the Sibelius Academy, he was rewarded in 2002 for the best solo act in the prestigious Getxo-contest in Spain, where his band, MP4, won the ”unofficial European Championship” (Jazz Getxo Live, Hilargi 2002). Their debut album, Central Playa (Impala) was released in 2004. Another personal credit is the 2nd prize in the Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Contest in Reno, 2001.

Ever since, he has widened his range of expression in several assemblies (a.o. Son Sabroson, Electromagnetique) and due to his open- minded attitude, he has, among others, performed live with Jimi Tenor, and spent time in studio with Finnish top-class artists of various styles, such as Paleface, HTBT, Redrama, Anssi Kela and Jonna. He is also a much requested artist in big bands. At the ”UMO level”, he has played in the ranks of the European Broadcasting Union Big Band (EBU). Pettinen’s latest takeover is Stevie Wonder’s music by a project called Wonderstuff. This time he appears exceptionally as a vocalist, with Sami Saari and Osmo Ikonen.

MP4’s debut album, Central Playa (Impala), saw daylight in 2004 and it was nominated for the Finnish Jazz Record of the Year (the Jazz- Emma Award). It was also the Critics’ Choice for the Year in the leading jazz magazine, Jazzrytmit, in Finland.

Short bio:

2004 - Central Playa is voted for the Jazz Record of the Year in the critics’ poll 2003 - Graduates from the Sibelius Academy 2002 - Is chosen for the best soloist in Getxo 2001 - 2nd prize in the Carmine Caruso -contest 1998 - Joins the UMO

Latest releases:

2005 - UMO: Sauna palaa! UMOCD 007 2004 - MP4: Central Playa, Impala 010 2004 - Teddy Rok Seven: Universal Four, Texicalli/Jupiter JUP 004 2002 - Jazz Getxo Live, Hilargi 696