Mike West

As a Trumpet/Flugel player Mike has toured worldwide and has been fortunate to play for some of the most prestigious big bands along with Off Broadway shows, Touring shows and recordings. He was a member of the Canterbury based group that won the BBC Jazz Group of the Year in 1993 and has studied with great performers such as Dale Gibson (Sid Lawrence Orchestra) and Steve Waterman.

As a Cornet/Soprano Cornet player Mike has played and contested at the highest level. He has had the honour to play under Musical Directors such as Walter Hargreaves, James Watson, Russell Gray, Frank Renton, Melvin White and Ian Mcelligott.

Mike plays exclusively on Eclipse Trumpets, Soprano Cornets, Bb Cornets and Flugelhorns.

On Eclipse I, like many players have been on the eternal search for the ‘Golden Trumpet’. I played everything on the market and never found quite what I was looking for until I tried a friends spare Eclipse. It was that good that I, against his wishes immediately brought it off him. My Eclipse Large Solar Bell was the best Trumpet I had ever played and I was extremely happy with it until I tried the new Lightweight Large Yellow bell. This in my opinion has taken the Eclipse Trumpets and Trumpets in general to another level.

More recently I have had the privilege to be involved with the development of the Eclipse Soprano Cornet and the refinement of the Large Bore Bb Cornet. I have been a huge fan of the free blowing Trumpet and Flugels that Leigh and Carl make but had never found a Soprano that firstly played in tune, secondly felt nice to play and thirdly but most importantly had the sound to blend with the Bb Cornets along with the ability to cut through when required. I believe we have now got the instrument that ticks all these boxes. In my opinion Soprano is one of the hardest seats to play, but this instrument makes it a joy to play.

The Bb cornets are simply unbelievable. All I can say is that I wasn’t looking for a Bb Cornet until I tried this one in the early development stages. By the time I left the factory I had one.

Anyone looking for a Trumpet, Soprano Cornet, Bb Cornet or Flugelhorn no matter what standard they are needs to try an Eclipse before going down the standard mass-produced route. I could talk all day about how great I think the instruments are. Once you have tried one you will understand why I am so impressed with them.

I’m proud to have had an input in these instruments and would like to thank both Leigh and Carl for their incredible work and dedication that has brought about these great instruments and for letting me be a part of it. I hope to be involved with Eclipse for many years to come.