Kevin Robinson

The day I took up FCB’s invitation to try their new trumpets at their factory in Dunstable, I remember saying to Lee that I was very happy with the performance I was getting out of my Bach Strad. 37 – which I’d been playing on for 14 years. Two hours later I was arranging a collection date for my new Eclipse trumpet!

Each one of the Eclipse horns that I tried – around 20 or so, had something positive to say, but the one that chose me spoke the loudest. My Eclipse LC is quite frankly the best horn I have ever played. The tuning is impeccable through every octave and the physical balance is perfect, enabling the player to get on with playing, not adjusting.

It was the dynamic range that really sold it to me – it boasts rich and dark, warm mellow tones when needed, yet, when required it can do a complete about turn and transform itself into a screaming stentor, with as much lairiness and edge as anyone could wish for! This horn is gorgeous to play as well as to look at, made with total care and precision.

I find myself playing in many different combos from orchestras right down to quartets, performing Jazz, Latin, Pop, African, Funk, and R’n’B music. You name it – this horn fits in everywhere.

- Kevin Robinson

CURRICULUM VITAE Name : KEVIN ROBINSON – Trumpet / Flugelhorn / MD / Arr.

Contact : E-mail: [email protected]

History : Born in London, England, 8th. Nov. 1961. Classically trained from the age of 11 yrs. Moved to Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Concert Orchestra age 12. Was introduced to jazz a year later. On returning to U.K., continued playing with various ‘brass ensembles’, brass bands and orchestras. Studied at City Of Leeds College of Music on the Graduate Diploma course in ‘Light Music (Jazz), incorporating classical studies.

Since turning Professional


GEORGE BENSON (studio rec.)

BASIA (studio / live rec./tour)

STEVE WINWOOD (live rec./tour)


LULU (studio rec.)

MICA PARIS (studio rec.)

PET SHOP BOYS (studio rec.)

PERCY SLEDGE (live perf.)

TAKE THAT (studio rec.)

MAXI PRIEST (studio/live rec. perf.)

ANDY SHEPPARD (studio/tour)

LAURYN HILL (studio)

JEFF BECK (studio)


MANU DIBANGO (live perf.)

TONI BRAXTON (live perf.)

ROLAND GIFT (live perf./studio)

SHAGGY (live perf.)



TOM JONES (studio rec.)

PAUL McCARTNEY (studio rec.)


COURTNEY PINE (studio rec.)

JAZZ WARRIORS (studio/live rec./tour)

CARMEL (studio rec./tour)

INCOGNITO (studio/live rec./tour)

BRAND NEW HEAVIES (studio rec./tour)

DESMOND DECKER (live perf.)

SIMPLY RED (studio/live perf./tour)



HERMATO PASCOAL (live perf.)

McCOY TYNER (live perf.)

ROY AYERS (live perf.)

ELVIS COSTELLO (live perf.)

JAZZ JAMAICAN ALL STARS BIG BAND – MD / Arranger (live perf. / studio)

CHAKA KHAN (live perf.)