Jay Phelps

I was playing a Bach 37 before I ever tried an Eclipse and then I found myself in the dressing room at Wynton Marsalis's gig at the jazz café, just hanging with all the trumpeters in town, trying out each other's horns as you do. Then Alex Bonney came up to me with this beautiful piece of art made out of brass and said "try this I guarantee you will love it"; I blew one note and said to him "Alex, you found my horn."

During this period I was taking some lessons from Noel Langley who then properly introduced me to 'La Familia Eclipse'. It's such a great atmosphere up there at the factory and the guys are so friendly that they pick me up from train station every time I want to pop in. When I play these horns I feel as if the sound is coming from the whole of the trumpet, front, back, and sides, not just out of the bell. The tuning is perfect throughout the entire register, which makes it easy to blend into any section or situation and it also has the ability to be as personal and unconventional as you choose.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this family means a great deal to me and I feel honored to be playing the same horn as all these great trumpeters.

Thank you Jay Phelps

Jay Phelps: Jay Walkin' (2010)