Byron Wallen

I walked in to the Eclipse factory to get my Trumpets overhauled and walked out placing an order on an Eclipse trumpet.

The trumpet chose me, from the first note the instrument seduced me, I blew a G on the the second line, it resonated like I was singing. I blew a G above the stave I felt it in my belly. In fact all over the horn there was a consistency to the intonation, tone and feel of the notes. The combination of my Eclipse Trumpet and the 1C Heavytop mouthpiece made by Dennis Wick is amazing.I have a confidence in the horn and myself that is like playing the piano. Each note is exactly where it needs to be.

What I love about the horn is its flexibility, I find I can blend in any horn or trumpet section yet can still have the space to project my own individual sound . I can effortlessly play quietly with a dark full tone and instantly transform my sound to a cutting bright flavour.

The horn does not resist at all. It just takes whatever I give it and resonates with a clarity that is beautiful. Once I had decided on the horn Leigh and John worked relentlessly on making minor technical adjustments and making it look as elegant as it sounds......thanks guys!