Audun Waage

When I first tried an Eclipse trumpet, I thought no, something has to be wrong, this is too good to be true. It took me a moment to actually believe the quality of these horns.

I like checking out horns, and I have tried a couple of hundred trumpets in the last few years. A lot of these trumpets have had some superb qualities, whether it be sound in a certain register, easy responding tone, or valve action . But rarely have I come across a horn that comes anywhere near as fully equipped with qualities as the Eclipse range.

I believe all trumpet players have, or at least should have, a perception when blowing the horn, of the tone they would like to come out the other end. If the tone isn’t right, you are only making it harder for yourself.

The horn translates your feelings into music. First you need to know what language you want the horn to speak, and then you need to find a horn that not only understands your language, but also translates it into the language you want to communicate in.

Leigh at Eclipse has a unique ability to understand what you want to get across, and will put together just the right horn for you.

I have tried the Eclipse Bb and C trumpets, as well as the flugelhorn.

Within each category I found at least one horn better than any horn I ever tried before.

I got my B-flat Trumpet a few weeks ago, and have since then used it on various gigs around the world, ranging from electronic music to straight ahead jazz. The horn blends in with any instrument, any style.

I am totally amazed by the horn, that’s all I can say.