Andy Gravish

Not too long ago a fellow New York trumpet buddy turned me onto Eclipse trumpets and how remarkable they are. Naturally I was curious so I contacted Leigh McKinney. After corresponding a bit I decided to take a trip to the shop in Luton and try the horns, having an idea already in my head about which model might suit me best. By the end of that first day playing all those trumpets I realized that my friend was indeed right and I was too when I gravitated towards the XLR (although a prototype XLY Leigh had just made was right up there as well).

What can I say or add about these fabulous instruments that already hasn’t been stated by the other esteemed artists on this site? They have pretty much summed it all up. Such impeccable craftsmanship and quality has given these horns an incredible reputation in such a relatively short time that is nothing short of amazing.

What I CAN say about these instruments is that as a Jazz musician/trumpet player, I’m always searching to refine and redefine my personal sound and musical conception, and my Eclipse XLR and Red Flugel have become the definite means by which I can pursue these paths with a passion. I’m truly fortunate to have found such wonderful horns that are so inviting to play.

A million “thanks” to Leigh, John, Carl and Peter at Eclipse for their passion and dedication!!!

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