Adrian Brincat

In 2013 my trumpet needed to be repaired and I was curious about Eclipse since I heard amazing opinions about them. Leigh not only refurbished my horn, he literally re-built it and the trumpet became unrecognizable awesome. While I was at his shop I tried as many horns as I could with normal and interchangeable lead pipes. When I tried an Eclipse Bb trumpet and played the first notes I was impressed how mellow the sound was and how smooth and fast the piston valves were. I love about Eclipse horns is the flexibility that I can play any register with an easy responding tone and high quality of the sound.

I've found a particular sound with the Scratch Lacquer finish and even the bell is bigger than normal therefore it has a warm, round sound and it makes me enjoying to the full when I'm playing Jazz and other styles. I would like to thank to Leigh the opportunity that I can promote these amazing trumpets and honestly I can only recommend Eclipse as the most professional hand-crafted instrument maker accompanied with their excellent and trusted service.

Adrian known as “Irrussu” is a soloist trumpeter from Malta. He is well-known about his versatility in music, he plays a wide range of styles, including Classic, Jazz, Swing, Ska, Reggae, Funk, Ethnic World Music and Pop. Adrian's playing gained immediate attention, very soon he became recognized for his talent, especially for his special techniques on trumpet and the way of passion he plays.

In 1993 joined the KRAB Brass Quartet, they participated on big festivals in Malta also on international ones abroad. KRAB was transformed into the Versatile Brass Ensemble featuring today twenty musicians. In 1994 Adrian joined the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta and currently he is the Lead Trumpeter there. The Army band participates regularly on international military tattoos. Lately in 2014 he was invited to perform for the VIP guests of Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland.

He was 20 years old when he joined as a part-timer the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. After in 1999 at the School of Music he began his studies in Jazz. Adrian continued to improve his jazz techniques on trumpet and early he became a self-taught artist. Adrian is also a popular face on television as he is a resident musician in number of TV programmes. He has also taken part in various musicals in the Manoel National Theatre, under the direction of local and foreign directors.

In 2010 he obtained - with a very high 95% result - a Diploma in Jazz from the reputable London College of Music. The examiners concluded that "Adrian is an outstanding performer for whom beckons a promising future." In 2011 he organized his first own Jazz concert in Casino Maltese called "Jazzin' It Up!" After it`s big success followed another full house concert in 2012 called "Caught Up in Jazz!" Adrian also regularly plays on Malta Jazz Festivals.

He is currently working as a full-time musician within the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta. Also a resident musician with the Rifffs MT (Ska music), member of Tribali (Ethnic music), and also forms part of Ira Losco's (Pop music) support band. Irrussu has regular Jazz Evenings using different setups in Malta, playing in popular pubs and venues, on various events. He performed in recording of several albums of recognized singers and musicians from Jazz to Pop and the bands he is resident with.